Wearable devices to track personal nutrition by 2020

Technology that helps consumers tailor what they eat to their specific health requirements – personalised nutrition – will take off over the next five years, the head of intelligence and economics at the future foundation think tank has predicted.


Personalised Nutrition can improve population health finds EU project


Gene Diet insights key to Personalised Nutrition Success


Dietary Supplements in an Age of Personalized Nutrition; How the trend towards personalized health will impact the dietary supplements market

LONDON, Feb. 4, 2016

The rise of personalized nutrition is providing fresh impetus and new opportunities within the market for dietary supplements. This report considers the evolving landscape of the supplements industry.

Key Findings
– Personalized nutrition offers manufacturers the chance to develop an ongoing relationship with consumers rather than a single transactional approach. This benefits both suppliers, who can build a base of loyal customers, and consumers, who gain a personalized and dedicated service.

– Although the growth of the global market for vitamins, minerals, and supplements has slowed in recent years, the personalized nutrition trend will push growth at a CAGR of 6.5% from an estimated total value of $93bn in 2015 to $127bn in 2020.

– In 2015, WellPath joined forces with 23andMe and FitBit to offer a service to customers that provides customized packages of monthly supplements based on an unprecedented level of personal information.

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Boston Heart Further Enhances its Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Program to Help Patients Manage Heart Health

January 20, 2016

Boston Heart today announced the launch of Life Plan 2.0, the next generation of its scientifically-designed nutrition and lifestyle plan that helps patients achieve their weight management goal and their overall heart health. This easy to understand plan provides patients at risk for cardiovascular disease with a highly personalized strategy to help them take control of their heart health. Grounded in science, Life Plan 2.0 takes Boston Heart’s Nutrition and Lifestyle Program to the next level by providing a truly individualized plan for each unique patient. The plan features customized weight and fitness goals and specific recommendations to improve biomarker test results and to reduce heart disease risk. “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Life Plan 2.0,” said Dr. Michael Dansinger, Medical Director of Patient Wellness at Boston Heart. “Our team listened to feedback from both clinicians and patients, and incorporated cutting edge nutritional science to make the program even stronger. Life Plan 2.0, combined with coaching from our registered dietitians, provides a first in class Lifestyle Program that is unmatched by any other wellness program.”

Source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160120005225/en/Boston-Heart-Enhances-Personalized-Nutrition-Lifestyle-Program

Spectrum 28 leads $5.5 mln seed funding of Vitagene

February 17, 2016 By Alastair Goldfisher

San Francisco-based Vitagene, which provides a personalized vitamin supplement regimen based on a patient’s DNA, lifestyle and blood work, has raised $5.5 million in seed funding. Spectrum 28 led the round, which also included Viking Global Investors and individual investors Neil Hunt, chief product officer of Netflix; Ken Goldman, SVP and CFO at Yahoo; and venture capitalist Yuri Milner. Vitagene came out of the Illumina Accelerator.

Source: https://www.pehub.com/2016/02/661576/

Maven Is The Only App You Need On Your Phone Right Now

Maven is a new digital clinic for women, and has become the only app you need on your phone! It’s the perfect platform to create healthy eating habits, by getting personalized nutrition and exercise plans. The app allows you to text your nutritionists all month with questions, and learn what works for your body and mind.

Source: http://www.uloop.com/news/view.php/190044/Maven-Is-The-Only-App-You-Need-On-Your-Phone-Right-Now